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Diesel Chevy Colorado in 2014?

Rumors have been flying around the new Chevy Colorado planned for late 2013 as a 2014 model. The biggest one lately is will it be offered with a diesel engine? Some say no, our sources tell us yes.

Diesel Chevy Colorado in 2014?

Many people point to this styling as to what the new Colorado will look like. Will it be powered by a diesel engine?

Several sources have confirmed to that indeed a diesel Chevy Colorado is in the future plans. The thought is that the Colorado will go into production in the next 2 years and a diesel will be offered sometime after the 1st-generation. This news could have a large impact on the future of the compact truck market that so far has disintegrated as more and more consumers buy larger trucks. This trend is fueled by a relatively small increase in purchase price and fuel economy between the two classes of trucks.

A diesel Chevy Colorado (GMC Canyon) could definitely sell some trucks if you read much into what forum posts and analysts say. Diesel truck fans have been clamoring for a compact diesel for years. So far, environmental regulations, rising diesel prices, more efficient gasoline engines and consumer demand (or rather lack of if you ask some industry insiders) have held back any sort of compact diesel from entering the market.

A diesel compact pickup would be a very viable competitor to the Tacoma. Toyota has for years toyed around with a diesel engine most notably for the Tundra. While there has been a few diesel Tundra sightings, a diesel Tacoma has not been talked about. Toyota does know how to build a diesel though, the Toyota Hilux is a well-known compact diesel pickup similar to the Tacoma that has world-wide fame as being almost indestructible (just ask the guys at Top Gear.)

The Tacoma, it could be argued, hasn’t changed much over the years. The reality is that it hasn’t had to with competitors like the Ford Ranger going away. Will new competition spur Toyota to make large changes to the Tacoma?

The advantages of a diesel compact truck could be many. Several diesel fans point out that the new-age diesels run quieter with less emissions. Also, they idle at lower RPMs and they offer more power versus a gasoline. Plus, several diesel cars have showed that diesel engines could be substantially more fuel efficient than gasoline only engines.

Our opinion is that a diesel Colorado won’t be a strong seller unless the diesel option is less than $2500. Chevy couldn’t sell enough Colorados and Canyons to keep building them just a few years ago – what makes them think that bringing back a more expensive truck is going to do any better?

What do you think? How interested are you in buying a diesel-powered compact truck?

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