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Original Tacoma Tire Sizes – From 1995 to 2014

Thinking about new tires? Wondering what sizes are available that will fit your Tacoma? Maybe we can help.

Toyota Tacoma Tire Sizes

Toyota Tacoma Tire Sizes and Specs – 1995-2014

Toyota offered quite a few different sizes on each Tacomas made between 1995 and 2010, with different rim sizes (from 14″ to 18″) and different bolt patterns (either 5 lug or 6 lug). Here’s a quick break-down:

OEM Tacoma Tire Sizes

Model Year Original Factory Tacoma Tire Sizes Sorted By Rim Size
1995-2000 195/75 R14 215/70 R14 225/75 R15 31×10.5 R15 265/70 R16
2001-2004 205/75 R15 225/75 R15 235/55 R16 265/70 R16
2005-2014 215/70 R15 245/75 R16 265/70 R16 265/65 R17 255/45 R18

As you can see from the table above, there’s been a pretty dramatic increase in tire and rim sizes over the years. In the mid-90’s, it wasn’t uncommon to see a Tacoma with 14″ rims. Today, it’s hard to find any new vehicle with 14″ rims, let alone a pickup truck.

The wheel and tire sizes above range from fairly small (as little as 7.7 inches wide by 25.5 inches tall) to decently beefy (10.4 inches in width by 30.6 inches in height).

What Lug Pattern Is On My Tacoma?

Do you have a PreRunner or a 4×4 Tacoma? If the answer is yes (learn what a Tacoma PreRunner is here), then you have a 6-lug wheel.  Of all the tire and wheel sizes listed in the table above, 6-lug wheels will be bigger. 5-lug wheels are only available on base-model Tacomas, and they generally come with 14″ or 15″ wheels.

How Big Can I Go?

Many Tacoma owners want to know how big they can go on their trucks without modification. Here are some good rules of thumb:

1. For 2005+ Tacomas, you can pick from any OEM size on the list. Technically, the largest OEM tire and wheel size for your model year will fit on your truck without any modification…but that doesn’t mean that changing your 05′ Tacoma from a 215/70R15 to a 265/70R16 is a good idea. That’s a pretty dramatic difference in tire-size (nearly 4″ taller) which can cause problems:

  • Speedometer and odometer errors are going to be pronounced when you increase tire size by more than an inch or so in height
  • You lose low-end torque when you add bigger wheels. By increasing the overall diameter of your drive wheels, you effectively reduce your rear axle ratio…which means slower acceleration.

2. You can increase tire height and width 3% each without installing a lift or leveling kit. You can usually get away with using tires that are 3% larger than the tires you’re replacing…which means about 1″ of additional tire height and .3″ additional width on most trucks. Tire dealers often call this a “plus 1” tire size increase, and it’s often a reasonable option for truck owners who want a little more tire without any sort of modification.

Keep in mind that you can’t always find a tire that’s exactly 3% larger than the factory size – you may not be able to go any bigger in some cases.

3. You can add 1″ inch of tire height for every 1″ of ride lift. If you go with a 3″ lift-leveling kit on your 2005+ Tacoma that means you can fit tires as tall 33.5″. HOWEVER, width is a concern as well. The widest factory tire on any Tacoma since 1995 is 10.43″ – if you can’t match this width (10.75″ max) you’ll need to buy new rims with different backspacing.

The bottom line is that you can’t always find tires that match both your width and height requirements.

Suggested 2005 and Up Over-Sized Tacoma Tires

NOTE: All of these sizes are based on using factory wheels. If you upgrade wheels, you can easily go with a wider tire…but if you go really wide (larger than 285) you might want to invest in some fender flares.


Max tire size for 16″ rims: 265/75 R16 – one inch taller but same width as factory.

Max tire size for 17″ rims: 265/70 R17 – one inch taller but same width as factory.

2″ LEVELING KIT (or smaller)

If you install a leveling kit, you may be able to shoe-horn some wider tires under your Tacoma than what we have listed here. If so, expect to do some trimming – and be sure to post your experience in the comments below.

Max tire size for 16″ rims: 265/75 R16 – one inch taller but same width as factory. You could fit a 275/75R16 tire, but no one makes them.

Max tire size for 17″ rims: 275/70 R17 – 1.5 inches taller and 0.4″ wider than factory.


Note: If you’re planning on a 3″ lift, you almost have to go with either a new set of wheels OR some wheel spacers. There just aren’t any common tire sizes that can take advantage of your lift and still fit your stock rims.

If you go with a set of after-market rims designed for the Tacoma (which means they have the right amount of backspacing to accommodate a much wider tire), you can go as large as 315mm in width – about 12.5″. However, at this width you may have to do some trimming of the fenders and the plastic wheel wells so that tires don’t rub during turns. This also applies if you install some 1.5″ spacers, only wheel spacers can be problematic.

A more common tire width for Tacomas with a 3″ lift kit is 285 mm. For 17″ wheels, 285/70R17’s are more than 2″ taller than the largest stock Tacoma tire as well as .8″ wider. For 16″ wheels, 285/75R16’s offer similar dimensions.

Where To Buy Tires

Whether you decide to buy a cheap set of replacement tires or a nice set of Load Range E BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO’s, do yourself a favor and price them online. and both have a great selection of truck tires, and they have a network of tire installers across the USA and Canada.

If you need tires, buying online can be a great way to save. If nothing else, pricing tires online can give you leverage with your local tire dealer when it’s time to ask for a discount – so check it out already.


  • babydollw

    I hd a alot of trouble trying to find the Tires that fit my Toyota Baja. I tried to buy them online and could not so this was a great and informative article I will be making a purchase.

    • Jason

      Awesome – thank you!

      • Scott

        Bought a 2008 Tacoma 5 lug w/ 265/70/17. Very sluggish and oversized tires. Looking at Toyota Sienna, Camry, Avalon, 16X6.5 factory original OEM alloy wheels 69444. 50mm setback. Is that too much setback for this truck? I’m looking for a less aggressive stance that it currently has. I don’t want to have the wheels extend beyond the fenders. And I want to lower those tires so the truck actually has some acceleration.

        Thanks, Scott

  • ray

    When you say “Tacomas with a 3″ lift kit is 285 mm. For 17″ wheels, 285/70R17′s” Is that on the stock TRD Sport aluminum wheels. Or to run 285’s do you need wider lower backspaced wheels and aftermarket UCA’s

    • Jason

      ray – I don’t think you have to have after-market rims or UCAs.

  • Sam

    I have a base 07 Tacoma with the following tire/rim (2 WD)
    215/70 R15

    and I am looking to go to 245/75 R16. Based on what I read, it will work. Am I right? Also is there a significant increase in height where it will impact speedometer etc?


    • Michael

      This is EXACTLY the question I want the answer to !! I have a Toyota Tacoma 2005 Double Cab TRD SR5 and I want to upgrade to SLIGHTLY larger rims. Though I don’t want the Speedometer , etc to be an issue. So if anyone answers this question , I too would love the answer and would greatly appreciate any and all insight !! Thanks in advance !!

      • Tim Esterdahl


        The post answers that question. Here it is pulled out:

        Max tire size for 16″ rims: 265/75 R16 – one inch taller but same width as factory.

        Max tire size for 17″ rims: 265/70 R17 – one inch taller but same width as factory.


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  • Hi , I’m wondering if a stock set of 2012 Tacoma 16″ 6 lug rims will fit on my 2001 Tacoma with 16″ 6 lug rims? Thanks

  • Russ

    I have a 2013 Tacoma with stock 215/70/15 tires. What is the largest tire size that I can replace these with?

  • Jason

    2009 Access 4wd

    I’m about to have a stroke over this problem.

    I have a Pro Comp 3″ spacer kit that I want to install.

    Part #65205K

    I want to get Goodyear Duratrac 285/70/17s

    On 17×8 in rims with 4.5in back spacing.

    I really want to avoid trimming if I can.

    In your expert opinions… Will this work?

    Many thanks!

    • Jason

      Jason – Sounds like it will work, but you need to confirm backspacing with wheel manufacturer. Trimming probably won’t be necessary provided the wheels are sticking out a bit.

    • BRIAN

      U cannot put the duratrac 285’s on an 8″ rim. U need a minumum of an 8.5″ rim

      • Art

        285’s will fit a wheel range of 7.5 – 9.0 inches. 8.5 is just the measured width that all of the other dimensional specs are based on.

  • art

    will i be able to fit 33 inch tires on my 2009 4×4? i have bilstein 5100s set at 2.5 in the front and a 1 in block in the back. i also have stock wheels

  • Greg

    Yes, complex issue.
    I just leased a 4×4 long bed with 17″ x 7″ (TRD Sport Wheels) and want a more aggressive / wider look without lifting.

    Tacomaworld has a calculator for plus sizes. It looks as though I can put 20″ wheels 265/50R20 and keep the same height. Maybe 18″ with more tire?
    Any thoughts here?

    • Andrew

      FYI I’m running 265/50/20 toyo tires on 20inch ace wheels at 9.5 inches wide. No problems at all with tire clearance. Driving an 07 trd sport crew cab at stock suspension. I tried to go with 275/55/20 but they rub the mud flap on the front, so bigger that that is out unless you do a lift.

      • jon

        06 that i have has 275/45/20 on it.and they rub alittle on the fenderwells.

  • Howard

    I have 265 70 17” on my 06 Tacoma. They were fine with the FJ wheels but i switched to some MB aftermarkets now the rub in the front during sharp turns and stick out a bit more. Should i drop down to 265 65 tires? Would that help the situation? My aftermarket rims must have a slightly different offset.

  • tootz

    i got my 2013 taco 4×4 trd sports,265/65R17..what size of tire max.without modification..if i want to lift it.thanks

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Depends on the size of the lift.


  • tootz

    about 3″ lift.

  • dave

    For and 09 Taco, SR5, quad, long box 4×4, 16″ rims: want a 2″ levelling kit…. found Cooper Tires makes a 255/85/16 Cooper S/T (33.21″ tall, 10.04″ wide… which is just slightly taller than a 265/75/16 (31.64″ tall and 10.5″ wide). (Specs taken from Cooper Tire web site).

    In the above noted article… Under suggested tires sizes for a 2″ levelling kit, it was stated that theoretically a 275/75/16 would fit, but that size is not manufactured.

    So if a 275/75/16 would fit with a 2″ level, in your opinion, would the math work for putting a 255/85/16 in?

    I am thinking yes it would fit, as the tire is narrower…. but may have to do some front trimming.



  • David Anton

    I currently have P245/75R16 with steel rims, I found some used rims size 17″, bolt pattern 6×6.5 Tires size P285/70R17.

    Is this a good match for my 2010 Eccess Cab Prerunner?

    • Jason

      David – Those tires sound way too big for a vehicle without a lift kit. I’m also thinking the lugs are wrong – pretty sure Tacos are 6*5.5.

      • David Anton

        You’re right on the pattern but since they are from a FJ Cruiser I think the seller made a mistake.

        My Prerunner is already pretty well lifted and it seems like there should be enough room.

        I don’t plan on using this size forever, buying for the rims. I would like to get back to more of a road tire when done. 245/75/R17

  • paul

    I just bought 235/65r16 Toyo versado lx as more of car tire over Michelin Lattitude tour 265/70r16 that was on it. 1 inch smaller radius. Some getting used to looking at a lower profile.
    02 4 door prerunner 3.4 TRD

  • Matt

    I installed a 2.5″ lift and went with a 285 tire on the stock 16″ alloy wheels. I had to install wheel spacers, however they cause steering wheel vibration. At first thought it was balance, but I had three different places rebalance. The toyota service dept says the spacers are the problem. I thought I would get new wheels but am not sure what kind of backspace/ offset I would need to be able to remove the spacers(2″). Any help?

  • Adam

    What spacers do you have?
    I have the same lift size and tire size with spidertrax and don’t have vibs

    • Matt

      I got spidertrax too, I don’t know what else could be causing the vibration, but it is very annoying.

  • Adam

    Are you sure it’s not rubbing on the fender walls when you are turning?

  • Adam

    I got 1.25 inch wheel spacers on my taco…. Maybe try that thickness?

    What kind of lift do you have?

  • Matt

    It’s old man emu lift. You can actually see a pic of it on this page.

    There’s no rubbing, it ssems to be just like out of balance with steering wheel shake and vibrations, but I have had them rebalanced four times now.

    Maybe a smaller spacer would help. I could try that before I spend a grand on new wheels.

  • Matt

    Old man emu 2.5″

  • Adam

    Maybe try the smaller spacer

    Hope all goes well

  • sam

    So I finally opted for 235/75-15. Looks OK. I got Hankook Dynapro ATM. Mechanic said, anything larger might have been too big. Originally I had 215/70-15. So I was able to keep the same 15 in factory rim. Before with the original tires speed used to 4-5 miles above actual speed when going around 70, now the speedometer shows 2-3 miles the actual speed. Overall 7% increase in the measurements.

  • Sam

    I have a 2000 Tacoma 4×4 and I put on the rough country 2.5 inch lift I have aftermarket 15 inch rims and I want a set of 32 inch tires does anybody know if they would fit or not?

  • greg

    I’ve got a 2013 reg cab Tacoma. I’m looking at 16×8 wheels and 265 60 16 tires. They aren’t taller than stock. What do I need to do to prevent rubbing? Lift? Spacers?

  • Rick

    Question for you….is there any difference between the wheels hubs on a 2008 Tacoma double cab TRD 4×4 and a 2009 Tacoma double cab TRD 4×4? Were there any changes in the backspacing or hub dimensions? I have an 09 and have an opportunity to purchase a set of Ivan Stewart Forged aluminum rims. But, the EBAY ad says they only fit up to a 2008 six lug? Will they fit my 2009?

    Here’s the ad:

    95-08 Tacoma
    99-06 Tundra

    Special edition polished forged aluminum Alcoa wheel for the Toyota Tundra, FJ Cruiser, Sequoia, 4Runner, Landcruiser & Tacoma with 6 lug bolt pattern; manufactured to OEM specifications by Alcoa with the Ivan Stewart logo engraved on the wheel spoke. Wheel comes brand new in the box and complete with factory supplied lug nuts and center cap. Wheels are polished aluminum with clear coat.

    Wheel measurement specs:

    Size: 17″ x 9″

    Bolt pattern: 6 x 139.7mm (Toyota Only)

    Offset: 0mm

    Lug nut size: 12mm x 1.5″ length


  • Ariel

    I’m in need of advice…I’m planning to get a 3″ suspension & 3″ body lift for my 2001 double cab prerunner (4×2) and I want to find out what is the max tire size I can go. Also the max diameter for rims. I am not planning on going off roading, this is strictly for looks. Thanks in advance.

  • Darren

    hi I have a 2010 Tacoma extended cab 6 lugs with 245 75 16 trying to buy rims off a 2010 Tacoma trd with 265 70 17 will they fit.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Probably…if they work on one Tacoma now they should work on another, especially of the same model year.

      However, make sure to ask the existing owner if the rims rub at all.


  • Mike

    Can I put Goodyear Wranglers on a stock 1999 Tacoma xtra cab, the can with 265-75-15

    • Tim Esterdahl


      That tire size will work just fine on a truck that can handle a 265/75×15.


  • adam

    you’re right i had 285 just fine on my 7.5″ rim.. i just got new wheels that are 9″ wide for my 2011 Trail 4runner

  • Frank Johnson

    I am leveling my 2014 Tacoma Access cab 4×4. I want to purchase the Fuel Trophy Wheel 17″ 8.5 and offset is -06. I want to run my stock tires for a while which are Bridgestone Dueler HT. When speaking with the rep on the phone he told me the tires would fit but my tires would wear quicking because I am going from a 17″ 9 wheel. Is this a sales tactic for me to buy tires?

  • Bruce

    Hi Jason,
    I have a 2005 Tacoma (4×2 Reg cab). Since I live in Michigan and don’t have four wheel drive, what is the largest, all-terrain tire you would recommend without adding a lift or leveling kit?
    Thanks for your help!

    • Jason Lancaster

      Bruce – See the post.

      For 16″ rims: 265/75 R16 – one inch taller but same width as factory.
      For 17″ rims: 265/70 R17 – one inch taller but same width as factory.

      • Hunter

        I have a 07 Toyota Tacoma. It has a 3″ lift kit. My tires are 285 70r17, could I fit 17×9 wheels on them, and I want a negative offset so they stick out more. Could you tell me what would be best?

  • Chris

    Hi Jason, I have a 99 tacoma TRD that I bought with aftermarket rims. They are 15 inch rims but the wheels stick way out of the wheel well to accommodate the brake calliper. I got a second set of 15 inch toyota rims that I was told were the stock rims when I bought the truck but those rims don’t clear the front brake callipers. They look like the rims off the stock photo for the TRD model. I was wondering if my truck came stock with 16 inch rims? I can’t seem to find information anywhere on it and everything I do find says the stock size tire for the TRD is 31×10.5xr15. Any help on this one would be appreciated as I need to change out the wheels ASAP. Thanks!

    • Jason Lancaster

      Chris – It’s about backspacing…15’s might fit just fine, but the 15’s you have aren’t for the right model year or aren’t actually OEM. I’d suggest visiting your local tire shop.

      Also, to my recollection, some of the OEM tires and wheels stick out a bit further than you might think. Toyota was trying to make them look aggressive.

  • P-nut

    Jason I believe I received the answer to a different question?
    I have a1995 2wd Tacoma ext cab with stock 14” wheels , is it possible to put 15” wheels on this truck? if so which rims would fit?
    Thanks P-nut

    • Jason Lancaster

      P-nut – If the tire/wheel combo is listed for your model year, you can add it to your truck. The problem you’ll have is that your 14″ wheels are probably 5 lug, and all the larger sizes are 6 lug. You’ll have to buy some after-market rims to get the site you want (take-offs won’t work).

  • Scott

    I have a 1995 Tacoma with the 14 inch rims. 14 tires cost more than larger sizes and are very hard to find at used tire stores. If I am going to upgrade in size, what will work on this truck? I am on a tight budget, probably a good assumption since I am driving a 1995 Toyota, but what can I do? I need tires badly.


  • kelly

    thanks for helping

  • Cappy

    Hi Jason
    I have 2005 Tacoma TRD with a 2 inch leveling kit and 265-70-16
    I want to go taller with out more the 265-75-16 my only option?
    The kit is a spacer on top of original struts. Manufacturer stated can easily fit 33 inch tires but IDK

  • Ramey

    I have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma 4WD and bought a set of 2012 stock alloy wheels to install but they won’t fit. Is there an adapter plate that can be purchased to make these fit?

  • john

    I have an 05 Tacoma with a 2inch leveling kit up front. would like to run a 33 -9.5-16 or up to -11.5-16 tire on the stock alloy rims. how would this affect the ride and what other suspension parts lifts etc would I need?
    Thank you

  • Adan

    If you wanna do it on stock wheels, you need a wheel adapter or spacer (spidertrax) to clear the brake caliper. You will also need to do some fender trimming

  • Jacob

    How come with my 33 inch tires I rub at a full turn in reverse but not when going forward in a full turn? Hope you guys can help

    • Tim Esterdahl


      That is really strange and I have never heard of that.


  • Allen

    Hi, I have a question for you. I drive a 2011 tacoma prerunner, it has 245/75r16 factory tires and rims on it. I wanna buy trd 17 inch oem rims and put bf Goodrich k/o’s on it. Will they fit and not cause any harm? Thanks!

  • D Raines

    Hello, I am running 265/75/R16 on my 06 Tacoma and was wondering what PSI I should be running in them?

  • D Raines

    Hello, I am running 265/75/R16 on my 06 Tacoma and was wondering what PSI I should be running in them?

    • Tim Esterdahl

      D Raines,

      The PSI should be on the door. Call a tire shop if you aren’t sure, they will have a quick answer.


  • Daniel

    for any expert on wheels, I am in serious need of help. I have a 99 Tacoma and I am looking at buying some new rims and tires. I was looking at a 17×9 rim with a -12 offset. for the tire I really like the look of a 285/70/17. I cannot find anything online regarding if this size of tire/rim combo will fit my truck. I do have adjustable 0-3 inch coil overs in the front, and if I need to make minor trimming to make them fit that is fine by me. I would just like to know if this is possible or way to far out of my fitment. any help will be appreciated. they also have the same rim I want in a 0 offset, but I like the look of a negative offset.

  • mason

    Hi. I really need some help. I have a 2012 Tacoma that I bought. It came with 285/70/R17 bf goodrich mud terrain on it. I have no clue if it just has a leveling kit or a 3 inch lift kit. I know it doesnt have any kind of body kit. Im about to install a 3 inch body kit. Will this allow me to fit 35 inch tires?

  • tm

    I have a stock 2012 tacoma sr5, looking to go from a 245/75/r16 / factory tire to a 265/75/r16 bf goodrich all terrain, will it rub at all ?

  • LSM

    I have a 2007 Tacoma Pre-Runner. I currently have 265/75/R16 BF GOODRICH T/A . I’m looking to install a 2″ coil over to allow clearance for a bigger tire preferably the NITTO TRAILER GRAPPLER 285/75/16 . I would like to keep my factory tire rim which measure by tape at 17″. There’s the intel, here’s the question.

    1. Will the NITTO tire fit the rim and will there be ample amount of room for clearance. I believe I answered my own question but I would like professional input?

    2. Why is the rim measurement different then dimensions on tire?

    Thanks, “L”

  • ThatTallGuy

    Assuming the rub in reverse only occurs while also in 4wd; if that is the case, I would think it is from reaction force pushing the suspension towards the cab.
    I would think the order of things to do is check the bushing/balljoints/eta for excessive play/slop, and if all is as it should, then a little fender trimming may be needed if that is where the rubbing is happening.
    Same size but narrower/smaller tires might resolve it without trimming. Tire sizes are like jeans; they vary quite a bit between, brand, model, style, intended use, etc in addition to backspacing, rim width, and clearences specific to the actual truck.

  • Chris

    I have a 2010 Taco with 245/75 R16 and I am changing them out for 18″ wheels with BF Goodrich AT/KO size 265/65 R18 which is slightly larger in diameter and width from stock but they will fit fine with the 2″ lift I am putting on it. Has anyone stepped up to an 18″ wheel with this size tire without doing a lift and what was your results?

  • corey

    hey thinking of doing a minor lift on my 1997 tacoma just spacers and a shackle extension i know i might need to do the diff drop will i need to extend the brake lines and replace the shocks i may go up to 2″ but no more and would like to know what tires i can run i believe it had 31s when i got it just kinda looking for some in put thanks

  • brett s

    Wondering if the oem shocks off a 2009 pre runner will fit a 2002 pre runner?

  • M.J.

    Can I put Big O A/T tires 265 70/17 on a Stock Toyota tacoms Sport that came with 265 65/17 tires? Will there be any rubbing. Does anyone have pictures of the same vehicle with these type of tires?

  • Shawn Allen

    I have a 2008 Toyota Tacoma Base. Just bought 225/65r16 to put on it but was wondering if 16×8 5×5-4 wheels will work on the truck?

  • I have a 1996 tocamo with 14″ rims. i would like to put 15″ on it. what 15′ RIMS WILL FIT IT? this is off road truck so i can make them fit. Thanks

  • Tom

    I have a 06 Tacoma with 265/65 p17s and the tires are shot as well the upgraded rims are starting to get nasty. I have the opportunity to pick up some 2013 super nice tires and rims that are 255/45 r18. Does anyone know if I can do this without any modifications? Thanks so much in advance!

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Looking at our chart, the answer is yes. And no, there shouldn’t be any modifications needed.


  • Rudy

    i have a 2012 toyota tacoma base with 15″ wheels 5 lug , whats the biggest wheel size i can put on it and tires too on stock suspension?? i really need help on this guys thanks

  • Hom

    Hi all,

    My 2011 4X4 dual cap Tacoma with alloy wheels.
    I have question. I plan to use my factory rims. Now my tires are 265/65R17 and I lifted 3″ ready. For a little taller and wider, can I still use my rims with size 275/70R17? What would be the maximum size for the replacement? Please advise.

  • Michael

    Hello sir
    I need help please

    I have a stock 2009 tacoma prerunnerAccesscab sr5 trd
    Its about time for me to replaced the stock tires
    the size of the stock tires are 225/70r16

    As I have read on previous post

    Max tire size for 16″ rims: 265/75 R16 – one inch taller but same width as factory.

    could you suggest a widest mud tires for my tacoma
    brand and size would be nice
    I needed mud tires as I work at a construction and its always muddy
    with my stock tires I always get stuck
    and I still have warranty on my truck
    so I want to avoid any modification on the truck for now

    Thank you sir’ for your time answering my question

    • Tim Esterdahl


      You have lots of options in tires. Since, we don’t sell tires, we couldn’t tell you exactly what brand/size would be the best. Our advice would be to visit a tire store. The above information should give you a general idea of what to ask for.


      • Michael

        Thank you sir

        For your reply

        • Tim Esterdahl


          No problem. Best of luck!