Honda SuperBowl Commercial Released Early – Funny, but Could Have Been Much Better

Here’s the official Honda CRV SuperBowl ad released a few days early…make sure you watch it to the end.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s what I like and don’t like:

1. This started as a very credible attempt at entertainment, but at the 41 second mark (and again at 52 seconds, 1:32, and 1:38) they burned that credibility up with gratuitous shots of the CRV exterior. It’s one thing to show Ferris driving from one adventure to another, but it’s something else entirely to pan around the car over and over again. Those shots are entirely too commercial, and besides, they could have shown as many shots of the car as they wanted to during the “jump” sequence that starts at 2:03 without poisoning the entertainment value.

2. I like the whole concept, however, and can’t deny laughing a few times.

3. I really like the part where Broderick stares at the Walrus…seeing himself in a fat, ugly beast made me laugh pretty hard (mostly because I feel that way myself sometimes).

4. They did a great job of honoring the gags in the original movie while also putting a new twist on them.

5. I wish they could have worked an attractive female into the ad more directly (a love interest), but my suspicion is that didn’t test as well with women. I’d like to see that, but mostly because I lusted after the girl in the movie as a very young man.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. Feel free to share your comments below.

  • newbie87

    References to the movie, actor, excuse, parade, music, guy secretly taking it for a spin and the last part when he says “don’t you have something better to do?” Love ya Honda!!