Two Trophy Trucks Flip At The Same Time – Off-Road Racing FUN! [VIDEO]

One of my life goals is to race off-road. Maybe it will be a sooped-up truck, maybe it will be a cool-as-hell little rally car, but it will not be on pavement and it will (hopefully) put a big enough scare in me that I’ll only want to do it once…cause it’s too damn expensive to do for fun. If it was cheaper, I’d be doing it already…

ANYWAYS, you didn’t come here to listen to my life story. You came here to see two big trophy trucks flip at the same time. Here you go:

Just goes to show that wrecking is a part of racing. I highly doubt the trailing truck would have flipped if the front-runner had kept it planted.

Here’s another fun video for you – a Jeep owner that pushed the limit a little bit too far:

Personally, I’d rather crawl than jump…but maybe that’s just me.