Tacoma Off-Roading Tip #68 – Stuck In The River is a Relative Term

If you take your Toyota Tacoma off-road, there’s a good chance you’ve been stuck at least once in the past. Fortunately for you, you had something (a winch, a tow strap and a buddy, MaxTraxx, etc.) that got you un-stuck.

But what if you’ve got a big diesel tractor-trailer rig trying to cross a mountain stream with an extremely soft bank?

Tractor trailer stuck in a stream

Is this tractor trailer stuck, or can it get un-stuck with a little effort? Read more to find out.

Looks like a formula for disaster, doesn’t it? BUT IT ISN’T!!

While we’re checking out river crossing videos, here’s a Tacoma fjording a nice little river:

An another splashing through a stream:

The best part is the screaming woman in the background. She sounds hot, LOL. 🙂