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Aries Grille Guard – An Overview

What It Is and What It Does: The Aries Off Road Grille Guard is designed to protect a vehicle’s front end from damage. It guards the entire front end, including the headlights. In addition to providing protection, the grille guard also accentuates the vehicle’s factory lines, making it more stylish.

Aries Grille Guard Overview

Having a grille guard on your Toyota Tacoma will help protect your truck in the event of an accident.

Who It’s For:The Aries Off Road Grille Guard can be custom-fit for any pickup truck or SUV. Because it is a permanent enhancement and protects the vehicle in the event of an accident, this product is best suited for relatively new vehicles and/or vehicles that do a lot of off-roading. The more a truck or SUV is worth, the more its value is worth protecting from animal strikes, other cars, etc.

There’s also the fact that grille guards generally look pretty awesome, so this is a great add-on for someone who wants to personalize their truck.

Key Features:

  • The grille guard safeguards a truck or SUV’s front end from animal strikes, bumps from street parking, not to mention off-road obstacles like tree branches
  • Each guard is custom designed to highlight the vehicle’s factory lines.
  • Brush guards provide added protection for the headlights; the cages can be removed to access the lights.
  • Aries constructs the guard using heavy-duty 1.5-inch steel tubing along with thick rubber pads.
  • The grille guard bolts directly into a vehicle’s frame for easy installation. No drilling required!
  • Pre-drilled holes make mounting auxilliary lights easy.
  • Two steel finishes are available: polished stainless steel and black powder-coated steel.

What Owners Say: The vast majority of Aries Off Road Grille Guard owners love the product’s appearance, saying it perfectly matches their vehicles’ factory lines. The guard also performs as expected in the event of an accident.

Most owners praise the grille guard’s ease of installation, saying that they can easily install the product within two to three hours working alone. A few owners have had somewhat more difficulty installing the grille guard; most of those, however, still praise its appearance and utility once it is installed.

Who Makes It? Aries Automotive was founded in 1997. Today, it is among the industry leaders in aftermarket automotive products, with operations in California, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Pennsylvania, British Columbia and Ontario. They specialize in steel, rubber and ABS plastic products mostly for vehicle exteriors. Aries offers two different product warranties depending on the grille guard’s finish. The black powder steel-coated finish includes a three-year warranty, while the polished stainless steel finish includes a lifetime warranty. Visit their website here.

How Much? Depending on the vehicle and finish, this product retails for $400 – $560. You can find it on

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