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Nissan Frontier’s Recalled

If you have recently purchased a new Nissan or Infinity, then your vehicle may have just been recalled. Nissan has announced that they plan to recall over 14,000 differently vehicles that have a bad bolt.

Nissan Frontier's Recalled

Nissan has announced a recall on their Frontier pickup due to a bad bolt.

The bolt was used to connect the oil filter and the cooler, and if it malfunctions it can cause an oil leak or a seized engine. The recalled vehicles include the Nissan Frontier, Pathfinder, Xterra and NV. Several Infinity FXs and Ms have also been recalled for the same problem. All of the vehicles are were made earlier this year and have a model year of 2011 or 2012.

Nissan has also reported that they will start calling all of the owners of the recalled vehicles to inform them of the problem. These calls should begin some time in January. If you learned that you vehicle is one of the over 14,000 that have been recalled, then you can take your car to your nearest Nissan dealership. All of the problems will be fixed for free of charge. Once you take your vehicle into the dealership, they will replace the bad bolt with a stronger one. This should eliminate any chance of an oil leak or seized engine to occur.

If you believe that your vehicle is on the recall list and that the bolt is going bad, it may be wise to stop driving the vehicle until it can be fixed by Nissan. Since this problem was found quickly, the bolt should not deteriorate that quickly so you should be able to drive your vehicle until it can be fixed.

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