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2014 Tacoma To Offer New Direct Injection Engine

A reliable Toyota source has told that Toyota will begin offering a direct injection engine in the Tacoma in 2013, as a 2014 model.

This is an expected move, as rumors of a new Tacoma engine have been circulated by and for months now (in addition to and

Specs on the engine are still unknown to our sources – one expects that this will be a V6, another that it will be a 4 cylinder –  but we expect that specifics will start to trickle out soon. Based on the reliability of these sources in the past, it’s entirely possible that both the 4cylinder and the 6cylinder will be new in 2014.

If the new engine is indeed a 4cylinder, it is expected that the standard automatic transmission for this engine will be a new 5speed.

As far as a full redesign of the Tacoma, that is still many years away. When the new engine(s) arrive in 2013, they will not be accompanied by a redesign.

In other rumors, the Prius Pickup we’ve written about on seems to be more unlikely than ever at this point — at least as a Prius. Toyota has indicated that the Prius brand will not be expanded in the near term, and our sources echo that sentiment.

Still, the good news is that Scion is getting a truck. Based on the Rav4 platform, the Scion pickup will be an entry-level alternative to the Tacoma with a unibody frame and FWD (with AWD an option) coming out in 2014. As for the hybrid version, it will be a regular old Toyota.

2013 and 2014 promise to be big years for Toyota trucks, with a Scion pickup, a redesigned Tundra, and updated Tacoma engines all debuting at about the same time.

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