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Tire Scam Reminds Us – Caveat Emptor

When the tires on Chris Blao’s Toyota Tacoma started to wear toward the bald side, he did what any responsible truck owner would do: he went looking for the best deal on tires he could find. He spotted an ad on Craigslist from a Discount Tire and Auto Repair shop in Georgetown, Kentucky, that promised the lowest prices.

Tire Scam Beware

When its time to replace your tires, make sure you do your homework and pay once the work is completed.

Now, Chris was no fool. He asked around about this store and his neighbor told him that the place had been in business for a few years and did great work, so it sounded legitimate. He went down to the store, which appeared to be a normal busy shop filled with equipment, tires and busy techs, and the store owner said he could get new tires for his truck for $110 dollars per tire.

Then Chris made an error in judgment he regretted. He plunked down just over $440 dollars and let the store owner schedule the work. That’s when Chris started to get the run around. After a week of increasingly unlikely excuses as to why the work couldn’t get done that day, Chris finally went to the police. It turned out that the store owner, whose personal life and business had spiraled out-of-control, had scammed Chris and 27 other people out of thousands of dollars according to a local media report by WKYT.

Chris Blao’s story is a reminder that it is the buyer’s responsibility to thoroughly check out whomever he does business with, and in the case of discount tires and auto repairs, to always pay upon completion of service. Caveat Emptor.