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Oil Filter Comparison Says Wix, K&N, and OEM Toyota Oil Filters Best Overall

Many truck owners don’t consider the maker or brand of their oil filter when they change their oil. However, the oil filter can have a dramatic effect on your engine. The results of this Toyota Tacoma oil filter comparison (sponsored by conclude that some oil filters are definitely better than others for engine life.

Oil filter comparison says Wix, K&N and OEM best

Choosing the right oil filter can improve engine performance.

Your oil, whether it’s high-quality or premium, is only as good as the filter you use. If your filter is not working correctly, or if it getting messy much too fast, then you’re wasting your money and endangering your engine’s life.

The following criteria can be used to indicate how well an oil filter is working:

  • The canister surface area of the filter because enhanced surface leads to more cooling, and this can impact engine cooling
  • The medium size and total surface area because enhanced surfaces means that there’s less of a chance of restricted oil flow into the filter
  • Thickness and density of the oil filter
  • Microscopic analysis of the oil filter
  • General observations

A comparison method between different oil filters was done based on the following criteria:

  • The oil filter surface area because enhanced surface area means that there’s better flow through the engine
  • The oil filter density relative to the OEM filter
  • The microscopic analysis of the filter

The results of the oil filter comparison method showed that Wix, K&N, and OEM Toyota oil filters were best overall.

1. Wix was seen to usually perform well on tests of oil filters. It is designed with a good quality anti-drainback valve and a good bypass valve. The filter medium in the Wix also resembled the filter medium in the OEM filter. The OEM filter material was the sturdiest in the bunch.

2. OEM was seen to have the most elongated canister body size and largest cartridge with length, diameter, and pleat depth. The OEM filter has the largest surface area of any filter looked through, and it was twice as big as the other competitors.

3. K&N filter has a whole lot of heft. The K&N weights as much two filters combined. There’s a nut toward the end of the canister that allows you to take it off. The wrench-off filter is nice because it’s best to change oil when it’s very hot.

While this comparison is a good starting point to picking out your next filter, remember to pay attention to how your truck performs after changing your filter. You don’t want to suck the power out of your truck by using a cheap filter.

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