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Scion/Daihatsu pickup coming soon?

The small pickup truck market has been going through some interesting changes lately with the demise of the Ford Ranger, the introduction of the Chevy Colorado and now Scion Vice President Jack Hollis stating he is ‘very interested’ in developing a Scion compact pickup.

Scion/Daihatsu Pickup

Scion Vice President Jack Hollis said he is very interested in creating a small pickup.

Ideally, Hollis said, they would team up with Daihatsu to create this new vehicles since taking one of Toyota subsidiary’s current products through the federalization gauntlet would cost more than the effort would be worth.

Scion has been known for promoting its products to college age buyers. The idea then of promoting a small work truck to college age students is slightly unusual. That is why most people believe it will be marketed as a Toyota if it does go into production. Since Toyota is moving their Tacoma model from a small to a midsize truck, it seems like there would be room for a new compact truck.

Champions of the idea and critics alike make some great points about this possible production. The plus side includes fuel economy, but the main drawback is the small amount of hauling capacity. Most people that drive trucks do it because they need something powerful enough to get a certain job accomplished. While diesel engines have progressed dramatically in power and economy, the gasoline powered heavy duty trucks tend to not get the greatest mileage. Still, the fuel cost of a big truck hauling one huge load is going to be less than a small truck hauling several little loads.

The idea for a new compact truck still has a promising future in North America. Fuel economy is becoming more important to people and inexpensive production is also something that appeals to potential buyers. Many companies are already importing Daihatsu trucks as fleet vehicles to drive around warehouses and industrial areas, so having them being sold in North America might make them want to buy even more.

The consensus is that there are some very promising possibilities for a new small Scion pickup as long as production and promotion are handled correctly.

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