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The CEO Confirms It – Ford Ranger is DEAD 4Ever

The Ford Motor Company is quietly exiting the small pickup truck segment of the passenger vehicle industry. Over the last few years, the legendary American automaker has been busy trying to restructure its operations and returning to the massive profitable position it enjoyed prior to the global recession. For many decades, sales of compact trucks have been a windfall for the Ford Motor Company, but soon small pickup trucks will be part of Ford’s automotive history as the company’s assembly plant in Saint Paul, Minn.

Ford Confirms Ranger Canceled Dead Gone

Ford CEO Alan Mulally recently confirmed that Ford will stop building the Ranger.

While rival car manufacturers Toyota, Nissan, and General Motors are poised to fill the void left by Ford, CEO Allan Mulally has no immediate plans to return to the compact truck segment of the automotive market. According to Mulally, fuel efficiency used to be a great motivator behind small pickup purchases, but new technology has boosted fuel efficiency in larger trucks.

The Ranger is sure to be missed, and though American sales of Ford’s flagship small pickup have increased by more than 20 percent this year, the overall appetite in the United States for compact trucks has decreased considerably. Only about 2 percent of the auto industry is dedicated to the small pickup segment, a far cry from the time when Ford could easily sell 350,000 new Rangers in a year. The larger F-series pickup trucks are faring much better in sales.

Interest in light pickup trucks isn’t waning as much in Europe, where Ford plans to reassemble its TransitConnect panel van into a compact utility vehicle. In North America, Ford is hoping that drivers and small business owners will consider the TransitConnect as an alternative to the Ranger.

This is good news for Toyota, but not so good for Tacoma owners. If Ford were to keep the Ranger, they might force Toyota to make some much-needed enhancements to the Tacoma. Competition is a good thing.

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