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Broken Fan Speed Control Tacoma Heater Air Conditioner TSB

Owners of 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma utility trucks should pay close attention to their heater and air conditioner units. Toyota recently published a new Technical Service Bulletin (T-SB-0149-11) which addresses an issue with the fan speed control.

Broken Fan Speed Control

Your Tacoma Blower Motor could be stuck on a high speed due to a faulty fan speed control.

Toyota dealers have been notified that some Tacoma vehicles may exhibit a faulty condition whereby the blower motor is seemingly stuck on a single high speed. In reality this condition renders the rest of the fan speeds inoperative, thus causing undue wear and tear on the auto parts involved, not to mention discomfort to the driver and passengers. The issue is caused by a fault in the blower motor resistor and resistor connector, which can be fixed by following the instructions below or contacting your local Toyota service center.

The Tacoma trucks affected by this Technical Service Bulletin were rolled out from the Toyota Motor Manufacturing assembly plants in Texas and Baja California, Mexico from 2005 to 2011. The models include the PreRunner, PreRunner Long Bed, 4×2, and 4×4 drivetrains. Owners of these Tacoma trucks that have Vehicle Identification Numbers which include the letter codes BX and BC should contact their local Toyota dealer to further determine if their vehicles are affected.

The repair proposed by the bulletin involves replacement of blower resistor part number 87138-04050 with new part number 87138-04052. A special AMP47100-1 crimper service tool is required, as well as:

  • Pigtail wire 82141-04M40
  • Four terminal joints 82999-12030
  • Electrical tape

The following steps should be taken by service mechanics:

1. Check that the problem is still present by verifying that the blower motor is only operating on the high setting.

2. Disconnect the negative cable from the truck’s battery.

3. Remove the blower motor resistor by first unplugging the electrical connector.

Broken Fan Speed Control Tacoma

Note: Steps 4 - 8 will need to be repeated for each of the 4 wires on the new connector pigtail.

4. Cut the old connector wire from the electrical harness. The new wire lead should be the the same length as the old one; otherwise open circuits or short circuits could be provoked.

Broken Fan Speed Control Tacoma

(1) Existing Terminal (2) Cut (3) New Terminal with Lead

Note: If the length of wire removed is notapproximately the same length as the newpiece, the following problems may develop:
    • Too short – tension on the terminal, splice,or the connector, causing an open circuit.
    • Too long – excessive wire near theconnector, may get pinched or abraded,causing a short circuit.

5. Strip the insulation from the wire, at least 8mm but no more than 11mm from the end of the harness.

Broken Fan Speed Control Tacoma

(1) Stripped Insulation Length Approximately 8-11 mm (2) Existing Harness (3) Supplied Lead with New Terminal

6. Join the pigtail connector to the harness using the sleeve, pat number 82999-12030.

Broken Fan Speed Control Tacoma

(1) Good Example (2) Bad Example (3) Wire Insulation is Stripped at a Slant (4) Wire Lead is Cut (5) Insulation Remains on the Lead

7. Using the special crimping tool, pinch the replacement and harness leads together, overlapping the stripped ends of the wire into the sleeve. Special attention should be placed to the match the yellow section of the crimping tool. The ends of the sleeve should be crimped at the INS position of the tool.

Broken Fan Speed Control Tacoma

(1) Good Example (2) Bad Example (3) Two Stripped Wires (4) Sleeve (Blue) (5) Pressure-Contact Section (6) Wire in Short Position (7) Wire Bend

8. Once the sleeved section is joined, wrap electrical tape around the joints and the sleeve about three times while firmly stretching the tape.

9. Install and connect the new blower motor resistor.

10. Connect the truck’s negative cable to the battery.

11. Verify each fan speed one by one.

This repair is covered under the Toyota Comprehensive Warranty, as long as the Tacoma vehicle is within 36 months or 36,000 miles of service. If your vehicle is affected by this issue, please contact your local Toyota service center.

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