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NEW From ReadyLift – 2.25″ T6 Billet Tacoma Leveling Kit

T6 ReadyLift Leveling Kit for Toyota Tacoma

New from ReadyLift: T6 Billet 2.25″ Leveling Kit for 2005-2010 Tacoma 6 lug

ReadyLift shot us a press release last week announcing their new T6 Billet 2.25″ leveling kit for the 2005-2010 6-lug Tacoma – here are the highlights:

1. This is an above-coil spacer leveling kit. The advantages with this type of kit are:

  • Installation doesn’t require a spring compressor.
  • Low cost. This kit is particularly impressive because it’s made from solid 6061 billet aluminum yet has an asking price of only $240

Above-coil spacer lift kits aren’t for everyone – hard-core and/or heavy-duty off-roaders are better off going with a new set of coilovers – but if you’re the “average” Tacoma owner who doesn’t push their truck to the limit, a spacer lift kit is a perfectly viable option.

Tacoma ReadyLift Leveling Kit Bigger Tires

The new T6 leveling kit will fit tires as large as 32″ without modification, and 33″ tires with some minor inner fender trimming

2. You can run 32″ or 33″ tires with this kit installed. The 32’s will fit no problem, but in order to get a set of 33″s under your 05-10 Tacoma, you’ll need to trim up the inner fender panel.

3. All ReadyLift products come with a lifetime warranty.

If you can justify the additional expense, a ReadyLift SST lift kit might be a smart upgrade. Unlike the new T6 leveling kit, the SST kit includes a differential drop kit that helps to preserve the factory CV joint angles.

Installation Tips

First, it’s important to note that different Tacomas will have different amounts of lift. According to multiple lift kit manufacturers, there’s a fair amount of variation in the stock “rake” from truck to truck…adding a ReadyLift leveling kit may increase the height of your truck more or less than 2.25″ (2.25 is the average).

Second, you’ll want a buddy to help. There’s a fair amount of prying involved to get the factory coilover out, and even more needed to get it back in (the extra length can make it tough).

Finally, when install is all done, you’ll want to:

  • Have your front wheels aligned
  • Re-adjust your headlights
  • Remember your truck is going to handle a little differently – the center of gravity is slightly higher
  • Check all those fasteners for proper torque, and re-torque them after 500 miles to be extra-careful

You can read the full installation instructions here – ReadyLift T6 lift-kit installation instructions (pdf)