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2012 Tacoma TRD Sport Pictures – Upgrade Package with 18″ Chromes

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The new Tacomas are here – the new Tacomas are here!

Love or hate the new 2012 Toyota Tacoma (probably love), we’ve got lots and lots of photos of the new upgraded TRD Sport package. Check it.

Silver 2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport DoubleCab

Silver 2012 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport DoubleCab

This TRD Sport Tacoma includes:

  • JBL HD Radio with XM and the new Toyota Entune system
  • 18″ Chrome-clad alloy rims and seriously bitchin’ hood scoop
  • Color-keyed bumpers, grill, side mirrors, and door handles
  • Bilstein shocks and sport-tuned suspension
  • Overhead console, leather-trimmed steering wheel with audio controls, and various “sport” insignia on the seats and trim
  • Auto-dimming rear view mirror with compass, temp gauge, and backup camera
  • Rear window slider and 400W bed-mounted inverter

More pics…

Special thanks to Denver’s Mountain States Toyota for letting us borrow a new truck for this photo shoot.

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  1. Very fine looking truck! I’m glad Toyota didn’t go and screw it up!

  2. Steven Cerda says:

    Not a big fan of the turning signals on the mirror’s, also should have left the original Hood Scoop from the previous year, People were complaining that “it was getting in the way” ???? ……… Other than that its flawless.

  3. How does the JBL stereo sound??

  4. tom dashiell says:

    The front is growing on me slowly.

    • Looking at trading my 2010 TRD in for the 2012 TRD Sport in 2 weeks. They should have kept the original hood scoop.

  5. Another thing… Chrome bumpers (that don’t rust) and leather interior option would be great too.

  6. wayne clark jr says:

    im buying 1 in late spring or early summer.saving up to put a nice downpayment so the payment isnt over $400 a month.cant wait to get it

  7. I got the 12 about a month ago, it rocks, and so does the JBL stereo

  8. Went from a Chev Crew Cab Silverado 2500HD Duramax Diesel to the 2012Double Cab 6′ bed Sport. Since I also have an ’06 Jeep Rubicon, the adjustment was not as drastic, but yes it is quite a change.
    I live in NJ, couldn’t get a decent deal and had to go to PA to buy it Then found out that the dealer had to trade one of their vehicle with a NJ dealer to get mine.
    Doesn’t accelerate like the Chev, nor do I get the 19 MPG that the diesel gets, but overall I like the change.
    Solid, quiet and easy to handle. The Entune system is very nice, and the GPS is user friendly and better than the one in my Lexus.
    I agree that leather would be a good option, so would a V8, backup sensors for the camera and a tailgate lock.
    Yes, the Toyota supercharger is available at a $3,900.00 option, but just not worth the price.
    Adding side nerf bars, hard tonneau cover, auto start and power tailgate lock
    Overall I will rate this truck a 9 out of 10, maybe even a 9+. (but lets see if it stays that way)

    • Frank – Awesome! Glad to hear you like the truck. I think you’re going to love it next time you change the oil and the air filter too. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big fan of Diesels – but they’re much more expensive to maintain. Congrats.

    • The chrome, the leather, and the material look nice when it is compared to other cars. Many people will not look at the inside of this vehicle simply because it doesn’t hold weight in their eyes. Other people will have to find out about it the hard way. This truck has so many whistles and bells in it. All of the wood and leather is made from various factories and they are needed for car material. Every object inside the vehicle is brand new and none of the material will tear up in time.

  9. @Frank, you were able to order remote start as an option??

  10. And Im happy (and lucky) to say I got my ’12 thru my brother who works for Toyota corporate in Torrance. Dealer lost 3% on the deal.

    • LOL – I’m glad that you got to stick it to the dealer. :-)

    • That’s what the dealer wants you to think. Trust me, the dealer made money on the deal.

      • ‘fraid not

        • Fraid so! If that’s the case, then I made out even beter than you did because the dealer I bought mine from lost 10% on the deal :)

          There’s a little thing called “factory to dealer incentive.” Even if the dealer sells you a vehicle for exactly what they paid the factory, they still make a profit.

          • Of course they do make a profit one way or the other if not then toyota dealers will not be selling our favorite midsize truck like the taco…any price below invoice is a good price for me!

  11. I just bought my TRD sport upgrsde package. I love it. very nice truck. I got it for dealer invoice.

    • I got mine yesterday for 1K below dealers invoice with sticker price of $31,160.00…first time owning a truck and being a Toyota at that. All my vehicles are Honda’s but I’m sure that this Tacoma will be just as great…I’m loving it already!

      • Awesome – congrats!

      • You got your for $1,000 below MSRP, not below invoice.

        • I did not really want to give away the invoice price but it’s a little more than 3K below the MSRP plus the rebate and installed cat back…very good deal indeed. I used trucar value pricing and brought it to dealership.

          • I got mine for right about $3K below MSRP. I used NADA for pricing and brought it to the same dealership I bought my 2003 from. I elected not to do the Cat Back system this time around. I found the Cat Back on my 2003 too noisy.

      • so i just got my 2012 Tacoma TRD Sport for $32,500. man i over paid

  12. How did you find out what the dealer invoice was?
    I found out about the cost vs sell price by searching on the internet. At the first dealer I went to I was ready to buy, salesman was fine until he had to bring the Sales Manager into the discussion. I told them not to call me anymore and walked.
    I discovered Toyota offered the two Sport Packages. Got the Double Cab, Long Bed with the PT Sport Upgrade and the Entune Navigation (EJ package) and tow packages (TO package).
    List was $36,000 – bought it for $33,600. Don’t know if this is average or above average price.

    • NADA web site is a great source for finding the factory invoice price of any car. it also happens to be the same web site the dealer use to price used cars.

  13. Albert Garzon says:

    I really really like my new 12 TRD sport…. The new Entune stereo system is very nice as well… I would highly recommend this truck

  14. Donald Scrimsher says:

    Looking forward to the 2012 Baja Edition in late spring. planing on trading in my 2003 GMC stepside for this beauty. All the pros of the Raptor, With less cost and better fuel efficientcy.

  15. Anyone have this issue?
    From day one I’ve had a shudder in the drive line when acceleration in first gear. Now have 6,500 miles on the 2012 Tacoma Double Cab Longbed. Twice to dealer who dropped rear drive shaft and drove in 4 wheel drive so that only the front drive was engaged – no shudder (they say).
    Further I’m told by dealer that Toyota says:
    • It’s a drive line angle problem
    • Toyota is aware of it
    • Toyota is working on a fix (for 2011 and 2012 models)
    • Toyota Factory says, “it’s a characteristic of the truck”

    I can’t find in my owners manual where it say the truck is supposed to have a shudder when accelerating.

    I can’t find in the 2012 Sales Brochure where it says it either.

    Maybe I just missed it…

    • My 2012 Tacoma Double Cab doesn’t do that. Me thinks they are BS’ing you.

      • Is it automatic or standard shift?
        Mine is auto. I’ve driven 3 other 2012 Tacoma Double Cab and all 3 have the same issue.
        Tacoma is on record saying it exists and is supposed to come out with a TSB about itIf it is driveline angle, what happens to drive parts down the road at 50,000 of 75,000 miles is unkown.
        I’d hate to have to exercise the Lemon Law policy on this vehicle.

    • Have you been able to have the problem sorted out by now?

      • No, the problem is not corrected. 4 Trips to dealer and all they can say (in writing) is that it is “an alignment issue” and “the engineers at Toyota are working on a fix”. The latest is that “it’s a characteristic of the vehicle”.

        4 Trips for the same complaint – may be a lemon law

        • Frank – Absolutely – in Colorado in only takes 3 unsuccessful repairs for the same problem to trigger a lemon law claim.

    • Mine shakes badly and predictably too. Same story, dealer says wow, that’s something you should bring it in for, then Toyota USA says it’s a characteristic of the truck and normal. I’ve been to 2 different dealers 2x each
      Toyota USA field reps have instructed the dealers not to look at my truck now, even if the problem worsens, so those 2 dealers were told not to document my visits with repair orders.
      I’m working on Lemon Law and in CA manufacturers are on the hook for double the purchase price if they try to deny the problem and not fix it.

  16. Ive got a 2012 double short with sport upgrade auto. Ive purchased evry available option in mine. I have no issue with any shaking. I love the truck but I dont like how it downshifts too easily (not big issue though). I now have 6500 miles on it. I cannot get any more than 16 mpg city out of it. I read where others are doing better. I love every option but, where the hell is the text and emails that are supposed to be a part of entune? Also, love my 18″ wheels but now im thinking adding a 3″ lift. I would love to change them. There are so many beautiful wheels out there. That would have made it perfect! Anyway. Truck is a gem!Glad I got entune. 3″ lift is coming! Oh, I added real serious LED domes and map lights. Tried to upgrade reverse lights. The stocks suck!. Just purchased LED license plate frame that is supposed to light up real serious with reverse!

  17. By the way… My truck loaded cost me $32300. Every option. 4×4 double short white with gray. Truck is a gem and the best thing is it will last forever! Watch dealer at service. Make sure they report correct mileage. If they screw up, goes agaist you at trade with Carfax and all that. Dealer will say mileage unverifiable because of mileage mistakes. I know. They tried that with me. First time in with this truck they made mistake with mileage. This was all after I had aqn issue with a trade just before!

    • Steve – Awesome truck man – congrats! Crazy that the dealer tried to say your mileage was unverifiable…the modern odometer is pretty hard to tamper with.

  18. Just picked up my new 2012 Tacoma with TRD Sport Package yesterday. I like the 17″ alloys much better than the 18″ chrome and I didn’t see paying an extra $800 for the “upgrade” to get shiny wheels and some “smoked headlamp trim” (whatever that means).

    To Steve: When they say dealer invoice, they are still making money on the deal. Sorry to hear you think otherwise. I got my truck for “dealer invoice” and then they subtracted $500 cash back (end of model year) and another $1000 for college graduate credit (I get my Masters on August 11th). They will get all of the “rebate” amounts back from Toyota and the true factory to dealer invoice is around $28,400 for the Sport Upgrade package and I am sure they didn’t let you have that truck for $28,400. The employee price is still around $32000.

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