Recalls and TSBs

2008-2011 Tacoma Roof Drip Molding TSB

Do you own a 2008-2011 Toyota Tacoma? Have you noticed the roof drip molding lifting at the rear edge? If so, you can contact your Toyota service department to see if you can have it replaced.

In a July 22, 2011 Technical Service Bulletin (TSB), dealers were notified that some Tacoma vehicles exhibit a condition where the roof drip molding is found to be lifting at the rear edge of the vehicle cab. The left and/or right molding may be gapped and slightly sticking above the roof line. Toyota has produced improved roof drip moldings to address this condition.

2008-2011 Tacoma roof molding gap

2008-2011 Tacoma roof molding with gap. Click for a larger view.

This TSB affects all 2008-2010 WMI = 5TE (first three VIN numbers) and TMMBC (WMI = 3TM) Tacoma trucks. For 2011 built vehicles, only those produced before the Production Change Effective are included.

Here’s the TSB process:

Step 1: Remove the roof drip side finish molding according to the Technical Instruction System (TIS). Removal will include the application of protective tape to the outer circumference of the roof drip side finish molding, heating of the roof drip side finish molding with a heat light and using a molding remover to disengage the 2 clips and remove the roof drip side finish molding.

Step 2: Installation of the new roof drip molding in reverse order, ensuring that the contact surface at the rear of the cab is clean and free of contaminates, and engaging the 2 clips to install the roof drip side finish molding.

Because this is a replacement by the manufacturer, the applicable warranty on this replacement is for 36,000 miles or 36 months (whichever comes first) and is limited to the specific condition of lifting of the roof drip molding on one or both sides.

If you have a vehicle that meets these specifications, give your local Toyota dealer a call. Make sure you are within warranty and the dealer has the appropriate parts and special service tools (SSTs) in stock.