Recalls and TSBs

2008-2010 Tacoma Chrome Rear Bumper TSB

Are you the owner of a 2008-2010 Toyota Tacoma? Do you notice any rust on your chromed rear bumper? You might want to contact your Toyota service department to see if you can have it replaced.

Toyota Tacoma rear bumper

In a June 24, 2011 Technical Service Bulletin (TSB #T-SB-0064-11), dealers were notified that the rear chromed bumper could rust on the surface of Toyota Tacoma trucks built during this time. Toyota has produced a fix for this problem that will require the replacement of the rear bumper.

This TSB affects all 2008-2010 WMI = 5TE (first three VIN numbers), MY NUMMI built Tacoma trucks. For the 2008-2010 MY TMMBC built vehicles (WMI = 3TM), only ones produced before the Production Change Effective are included.

Here’s the TSB process:

Step 1: Check the following vehicle identification numbers (fourth through eighth VIN numbers only) for the MY TMMBC built vehicles: JU4GN, KU4HN, LU4EN, MU4FN. These vehicles are all double cab, V6 vehicles in both two and four-wheel drive.

Step 2: The replacement part number for the rear bumper bar assembly (non-energy absorbing) is 52151-04061

Step 3: Remove the rear bumper as per the TIS (Technical Information System) Repair Manual for the appropriate year. It is under the Vehicle Exterior – Exterior Panels/Trim – Exterior: Rear Bumper: Removal section of the manual.

Step 4: Install the replacement bumper in the reverse order of removal. (The logic in this step is astounding . . . no?) Follow instructions in the TIS Tacoma Repair Manual for the appropriate year. See the same section listed in Step 3 except look under Installation instead of Removal.

Because this is a replacement by the manufacturer, the applicable warranty on this replacement is for 36,000 miles or 36 months (whichever comes first) and is limited to the rusting of the chrome bumper.

If you have a vehicle that meets these specifications, give your local Toyota dealer a call. Make sure they have the replacement in stock; you can even provide them with the part number.

  • Donna

    Each time I get an oil change I point out my bumper to the service techs. I own a 2010 Toyota Tacoma with approximately 26,000 miles. They have given me every excuse in the book that it is not rust but coming from the tailpipe. Of course, I always point out the rust spots by the license plate also. I’m not getting much satisfaction from them but I do plan to present them with this article and see if they squirm around any.

    • Jason

      Donna – Awesome! I hope this TSB finally gets them to do something.

  • Paul

    Well , I just returned from my Toyota dealership after reading this article. I have a 2010 Tacoma with just over 13,000 miles. I was met at the service area with a mechanic with a steel wool pad. He quickly rubbed off the rust. I was told by the service manager that it was “Rail Dust” apparentely what gets on the bumper from crossing rail road crossings or perhaps brake dust even though the Tacoma has drum brakes on the rear which virtually seals the brake dust in the drums. My next step is to call Toyota. I mentioned this to the service manager who didn’t seem too concerned.

    • Jason

      Paul – Yes that’s been a common issue in the past. Metallic filings from transport – or more likely from brake dust (yours or someone elses) can give the appearance of tiny rust spots. However, if the bumper is pitted once the rust is removed, then you can show the rust isn’t incidental.

      • Paul

        I agree it could be one of these other options but I wash this truck almost every week. It sure seemed to appear quickly. Also, I live in the Northeast and snow will be flying soon and with it the road salt.I think I’m seeing is the beginning of the problem. I will keep a close eye on it. I already contacted toyota and they started a case on it. By the way there was no number associated with the TSB . Toyota was aware of it however and the advisor was able to pull it up while he was on the phone with me. I will keep you updated.

  • Paul

    After calling Toyota HQ earlier today, I just received a phone call from my local dealership. The Toyota rep at the dealership stated that Toyota will not, repeat, will not replace the bumper unless rust is perforated through the bumper.So I guess in the meantime until that happens I’ll be driving around with a rusted bumper until the holes start to form. Ah Quality is a wonderful thing !!

    • Jason

      Well the warranty is for perforation, but the TSB says otherwise. The problem with calling the hotline is that they don’t know what they’re talking about really…as a matter of fact, most calls to Toyota customer service result in Toyota contacting your local dealership and asking them (the dealer) to get involved.

      Therefore, the best thing to do is work with your dealer. If you see or feel pitting under rust spots, the TSB gives the dealership permission to replace the part without full perforation.

  • Paul


    I agree. That’s what I understood the TSB meant. I handed it to the service manager at the dealership and she said that it was probably replaced already. Not sure how that would be possible comparing the date of the TSB and manufacture date of the truck. Anyway, no rust has been seen since the steel wool pad removal last week. I will contact the dealer again and voice my dissatisfaction with the way they are handling this , especially since this is a fairly new truck.

  • David


    Is there an actual TSB # for this that I can reference to the dealer?

    • Jason

      David – It’s T-SB-0064-11