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Tacoma TSB: 5-Speed Manual Clutch Disk Defect, 2005-2011 Tacoma

Last week, Toyota informed dealers of a potential clutch engagement problem effecting 4cylinder 2005-2011 trucks with a manual transmission:

Some 2005 – 2011 model year Tacoma vehicles equipped with a 5 – speed manual transmission exhibit a slipping  feeling in all forward gears and reverse . Replacement of the clutch disk, clutch cover, flywheel, and clutch pedal turnover spring is required to repair the vehicle.

If this problem is detected during the first 3 years or 36k miles of use, it’s covered under Toyota’s factory warranty. If not? You may be able to get some after warranty assistance, as it appears that Toyota used an inferior clutch design/inferior clutch material on some 2005-2011 Tacomas with the 4cylinder engine.

Here’s a summary of the TSB (number T-SB-0066-11):

Tacoma TSB Slipping Clutch Repair Procedure

1. Verify the problem by putting the vehicle in all forward and reverse gears and trying to move the vehicle – if the clutch fails to engage, the TSB applies.

2. Remove the manual transmission assembly to inspect the clutch disk and clutch disk cover.

3. Does the clutch cover appear damaged, such as broken or excessively scored diaphragm spring fingers? If so, this TSB does not apply.

4. Remove the clutch cover and clutch disk assembly.

5. Inspection the clutch disk friction surface – does the clutch disk display missing or tearing friction material? If not, this TSB does not apply.

2005-2011 Tacoma clutch plate missing friction material

2005-2011 Tacoma clutch plate missing friction material

6. Replace the clutch disk, clutch cover, flywheel, and clutch pedal turnover spring. Re-install assembly and test drive vehicle.


  • If your Tacoma doesn’t have a 4cylinder engine, this TSB doesn’t apply to you
  • If your clutch engages in all forward gears and reverse, this TSB doesn’t apply to you
  • If your Tacoma is out of the 3 year, 36 mile warranty, you will not receive warranty coverage for this repair even though it appears to be a manufacturing/design/quality related issue. The best you can hope for outside of warranty is manufacturer or dealer assistance (free labor, discounted labor, free parts, etc.)


  • ryan

    why is this not a recall???

    • Jason

      Ryan – Not sure. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s because there aren’t enough complaints to get Toyota in trouble at NHTSA.

    • Somebody

      Multiple reasons this isn’t a recall;

      1) This is not a safety issue. Recalls are for safety issues, not quality issues.
      2) This does not affect everybody with those parts installed. This whole problem could be related to variations in the manufacturing process, so some parts could come out good and some bad.
      3) This could also be related to how the vehicle is used. People who work the truck very hard or engage the clutch harshly may be affected sooner than an old man who cruises around with his dogs in the back.
      4) Some combination of (2) and (3).

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  • dhk

    Part numbers;
    Pressure plate: 31210-35291 — that’s an AISIN CTX-107.
    Disk: 31250-60500 — that’s an AISIN DTX-189 (I think).

    Note that Tacoma 2TR initially shipped with either the junk LUK clutch (American company, made in Mexico…), or the AISIN CTX-106.

    The CTX-107 is the pressure plate that matches the older Tacoma V6 5VZ-FE (1995-2004), which is a 190 HP engine. Typically the CTX-107 pressure plate is matched up with the AISIN DTX-136 disk, but that has apparently been superceded by the DTX-189, not certain the reason why, maybe this one is stronger?

    Note: not sure why, but AISIN does some strange pairings with their part numbers…. CTX-106 pressure plate matches to DTX-137 disk, CTX-107 pressure plate matches to DTX-136 disk.

    Some aftermarket companies are selling a clutch kit that they call “Stage 1” or “Street” for the 2TR Tacomas, LCEngineering in particular… — you will note that this is, in fact, an AISIN CTX-107, just with some custom paint:*.html

    In KIT form… they claim “twice the holding power”. I’m fairly certain that there is nothing special about their disk. Probably a DTX-136.

    Basically, the CTX-107 should solve everyone’s problem.

    • dhk

      Slight observation about the picture in the article above…. if you look carefully, you can see the manufacturer’s logo stamped into the disk — that’s a failed LUK disk.

      • Jason

        dhk – Thanks for the detailed comment, and yes you’re correct about the image…often times we choose pics because they’re visually appealing rather than factually correct. I hope you understand.

  • josh

    I have a 2010 which started slipping at 39,000 miles and clutch pedal sticking. Toyota has done nothing for me besides reccomending i have a local garage install an aftermarket clutch in. This should have been a recall. It is getting cold again, and now it slips like crazy.

  • My truck is a 2011 4cyl 4×4 and this will be the second time it goes into the shop for a clutch issue. I noticed ever since the recall work (September of 2011) the clutch wasn’t right it would grind gears sometimes as if not fully released. Right now when the clutch is pressed to the floor it sticks or stays there, when released it does not come up smooth but jumps from the floor back to wherever your foot is when you are letting up the clutch as normal. The clutch does not come up or have the resistance one expects from a mechanical item it is sluggish when pressed down and then stays down then it springs or jumps hitting the bottom of your foot. The only word that describes the feeling is squishy and of course when the peddle is down the clutch is not engaged not too safe if you ask me as in there is no power when trying to drive. I noticed it in first, second and third gear and didn’t take it out on the highway I only drive 10 miles to work. (24K on it at this time)

  • JP

    I have a 2006 Tacoma with almost 300,000 miles. I have had this problem of the clutch, transmission 4th gear shattering, noise in the pedal, and the list goes on and on. I used to own a 1996 Tacoma with the same 2.7L 4×4 manual transmission. I lost that one due to loss of money repairing transmission seals to drivetrain seals.
    My question is, when is Toyota going to fix the problems that occur or just take our money to turn their back? There will be a day the Toyota customers turn our backs till problems are resolved. It’s not the driver, but the manufactor to blame. From the commercials of Toyota to the advertisements of the “quality” presented to the customers.
    Sorry, I just get tired of recalls or warranty coverage when none exists to once having a Tacoma was a reward.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      First. Holy cow – 300,000 miles on a 2006!!! That is an incredible amount of miles.

      Second, you are upset about a transmission problem and a host of small issues with a truck that has 300,000 miles on it?

      Sorry to disagree, but that is a TON of miles and I would be THRILLED after that many miles to have a transmission issue.