2015 Toyota Tacoma Direct Injection Upgrade Coming

A reliable Toyota source has told TacomaHQ.com that Toyota will begin offering a direct injection engine in the Tacoma in 2015, as a 2016 model.

2015 Toyota Tacoma Direct Injection Upgrade Coming

Sources tell us that in 2015, Toyota will announce the availability of direct injection in the Tacoma engine.

This is an expected move, as rumors of a new Tacoma engine have been circulating for years now. Toyota has to improve the Tacoma to keep its market share with the upcoming arrival of the all-new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon plus the growing popularity of the Nissan Frontier.

Specs on the engine are still unknown to our sources – one expects that this will be a V6, another that it will be a 4 cylinder – but we expect that specifics will start to trickle out soon. Based on the reliability of these sources in the past, it’s entirely possible that both the 4cylinder and the 6cylinder will be new in 2016.

There is also talk of a full redesign, yet we aren’t so confident on this. It is more likely that there will be mechanical tweaks on the next generation upgrade, a new interior based on the Tundra/4Runner upgrades and then a new exterior look to follow in the next few years.

We don’t expect to see anything else new for the Tacoma like a diesel. Until the Ram 1500 and the upcoming Chevy Colorado diesel prove that the market exists, Toyota is unlikely to offer one.

What do you think? Is Direct Injection a big enough deal to get you interested in upgrading?

  • Matt

    Tim, are these the same sources that predicted the ’14 model would have direct injection?

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Good question! πŸ™‚

      No, a different source at the probing grounds in Arizona. And yes, the 2014 prediction source confirms it.


  • Johnny

    I hope they don’t make it look like the new 4 runner (it is fugly). Any word on the size of the hamsters under the hood? Also MPG increase one can expect maybe10%?



    • Tim Esterdahl


      It might have some parts from the 4Runner due to Toyota (and everyone else) cutting back on variety of parts. They are trying to streamline their parts and use more common parts.

      And no word on the engine just yet. We do hear it will have direct injection, yet by itself that won’t necessarily mean more MPG.

      It does seem though with Toyota’s new leadership and increased competition that changes are coming.


  • Ron Geur

    Tim, I have been searching your site for info on superchargers but came up empty and I also couldn’t find a better way to submit a question so please excuse me for jumping in on this thread. I’d be most interested to hear your thoughts on supercharging a Tacoma, particularly with respect to longer term reliability issues.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Superchargers definitely have a fan base and a lot of people I talk to love them. It can increase HP upwards of 300 and really gets that flying back in the seat feeling. Most of the guys I see that have them, run their trucks on the track and/or make it into a custom hot rod.

      As far as reliability? It shouldn’t have much impact on long-term reliability. TRD designs it to work specifically with the Tacoma engine and within warranty specs. I haven’t heard anybody say anything about long-term issues and mostly everyone I talk with loves them.


  • Gene

    Tim, I’ve been holding off on buying a new Taco for years. When can we expect a complete redesign? This old worn out Taco has to be just about out the door? I hope it’s next year cuz my 2000 Forester is just about done!

  • Brian

    Good to hear, seems far overdue. The Tacoma never got the better 4.0v6 with dual vvti seen in the 4runner since ’10. It’s really a shame since that brings the engine up to par with the Nissan Frontier. Though, I suppose the direct injection engine(s) will put the Tacoma ahead.