Toyota Discontinues TRD T|X Baja and X-Runner for 2014

In a move that can ONLY be described as disappointing, we’ve learned that the very handsome TRD T|X Baja Series option package and the X-Runner package have been discontinued. According to our information, there is no replacement package coming for either truck.

Tacoma Baja T|X package discontinued

The Tacoma Baja T|X package has been discontinued.

Speaking with a couple of dealer friends, it seems that the T|X Baja just didn’t sell very well. The high price point was probably the issue, but there is some argument as to whether or not Toyota really gave this package a chance to succeed. Same goes for the X-Runner, as sales have steadily declined on that package.

TRD T|X Baja vs Ford Raptor – Not Really

The Raptor vs. TRD T|X Baja comparison is a fun bit of automotive jousting, but it’s not really useful because:

1. The Raptor is substantially more expensive, with a base MSRP of $43,920. That’s $10k more than an access cab Tacoma with the TRD T|X Baja package.

2. The Tacoma’s smaller footprint arguably makes it a better off-roader in most respects, especially if the owner of this truck spends $10k on upgrading the factory package.

Still, in the minds of some consumers, Toyota’s T|X Baja was a nice answer to Ford’s Raptor. To see Toyota discontinue this model – with no replacement on the horizon – is a disappointment.

Toyota, if you’re reading, it’s foolish to build a truck without a halo model in the stable. Don’t let the penny-pinchers in Japan ruin a great opportunity. A limited-edition off-road model isn’t going to make a lot of money on it’s own, but it can raise the perceived value of the entire line-up.

X-Runner, Your Time Has Come

Tacoma X-Runner package discontinued

Tacoma X-Runner package discontinued

While we’re disappointed to see the X-Runner discontinued, this package had a nice run.

If Toyota were to replace this package in a year or two with a new powertrain (something we keep hearing about but have yet to see), that would be a great way to bring it back.

Finally, it’s important to point out that simplifying the product line is often the last thing a manufacturer does before bringing out a new product line. It could be that the Tacoma is getting a redesign a little earlier than we thought…