Toyota Discontinues TRD T|X Baja and X-Runner for 2014

In a move that can ONLY be described as disappointing, we’ve learned that the very handsome TRD T|X Baja Series option package and the X-Runner package have been discontinued. According to our information, there is no replacement package coming for either truck.

Tacoma Baja T|X package discontinued

The Tacoma Baja T|X package has been discontinued.

Speaking with a couple of dealer friends, it seems that the T|X Baja just didn’t sell very well. The high price point was probably the issue, but there is some argument as to whether or not Toyota really gave this package a chance to succeed. Same goes for the X-Runner, as sales have steadily declined on that package.

TRD T|X Baja vs Ford Raptor – Not Really

The Raptor vs. TRD T|X Baja comparison is a fun bit of automotive jousting, but it’s not really useful because:

1. The Raptor is substantially more expensive, with a base MSRP of $43,920. That’s $10k more than an access cab Tacoma with the TRD T|X Baja package.

2. The Tacoma’s smaller footprint arguably makes it a better off-roader in most respects, especially if the owner of this truck spends $10k on upgrading the factory package.

Still, in the minds of some consumers, Toyota’s T|X Baja was a nice answer to Ford’s Raptor. To see Toyota discontinue this model – with no replacement on the horizon – is a disappointment.

Toyota, if you’re reading, it’s foolish to build a truck without a halo model in the stable. Don’t let the penny-pinchers in Japan ruin a great opportunity. A limited-edition off-road model isn’t going to make a lot of money on it’s own, but it can raise the perceived value of the entire line-up.

X-Runner, Your Time Has Come

Tacoma X-Runner package discontinued

Tacoma X-Runner package discontinued

While we’re disappointed to see the X-Runner discontinued, this package had a nice run.

If Toyota were to replace this package in a year or two with a new powertrain (something we keep hearing about but have yet to see), that would be a great way to bring it back.

Finally, it’s important to point out that simplifying the product line is often the last thing a manufacturer does before bringing out a new product line. It could be that the Tacoma is getting a redesign a little earlier than we thought…

  • cmdr-apollo

    “Disappointing” is the only word that comes to mind for me, too – but I like your final analysis… I’m curious to see what comes next. A Tacoma redesign? I’m intrigued. I wonder what they might improve on in the potential redesign?

    • Daner58

      Well, this is a shame, I`ve sincerely enjoyed my 2012` Baja and was looking forward to trading in for the 2014` Baja – maybe Not? The Beefed up suspension components have made for a much improved ride and aside from two factors , non de-Icing rear view mirrors and on board circuitry supporting two set of TPM Sensor tires I really have No other issues. I find the drop from Toyota`s stable SAD !

      • Llohydq

        I’m trying my hardest to find a used TX any ideas?

        • ira

          Columbia sc. I have a 2012 Tacoma tx. it will be on the market the end of june. if interested, let me know.

  • Somebody

    Well, those were both pointless offerings anyway. Especially the xrunner — buy a sports car, because its not a truck.

  • Chris

    I never seen a x-runner in person before. Does anyone even have one of those?

    • Tim Esterdahl


      The X-runner didn’t sell extremely well, but there are plenty out there.


  • Methanol

    That sucks. Now Toyota needs another way to compete with the Ford Raptor and Ram Power Wagon

  • Mark

    Toyota didn’t give the consumer many choices with this package. First there were only 3 colors to choose from, Black, Red, and Blue. The most popular color, white was never an option.
    Second, only a standard transmission was available. I am quite sure if there was an automatic it would have sold like hot cakes.
    Third, since this is a Street Truck ie Drifting, I think a hand brake located on the center console rather than under the dash board would have helped

    I really think the lack of an automatic transmission was the demise of this truck. There are no other 6 cyl trucks with a low clearance. The only other option is a 4 cyl.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Good points.


  • Bryan

    Toyota did not Cancel the Baja if they did then they would have said so

  • John Stephenson

    I am going to miss BOTH of them. Why would Toyota do this? The GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado are both out to have some (to little) competition with. I will greatly miss these trim levels. I have seen both in person, and they both look fantastic!! Toyota better have a future Tacoma, to keep dominating the 1/4 ton segment. There have so much potential!! Please Toyota, keep your youth customers happy!!

  • michael

    If they bring back the Xrunner it should have a V8 and a 6spd manual trans that can actually shift and handle added power. Not to mention a better gear ratio and not worry about mpg. Some folks just want to play and not worry about the money they spend at the pump. Re-ignite those fizzled out fires that toyota enthusiast’s are waiting for.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      That is a great thought, I doubt it will happen, but a great thought!


  • Lon Kurtzman

    Just bought a new 2014 Tacoma TX Baja last night so they are out there. Even got a fairly good deal on it at Folsom Lake Toyota. Havent had it long enough to say more than I love it. The dealer did say they hardly ever get them, but who knows? I have to admit I have not seen any others. Mine is white and my wife is not big on the graphics which the dealer said he’d have removed if we like…but they are still on it. For a reasonably serious off-roader, it drives and handles very nicely as an every day grocery getter too.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Yep, you got one of the last few. It is our expectation that the T|X Baja will be replaced with the new TRD PRO.


  • xaq

    This is actually incorrect, you can order that truck all day long at any toyota dealer right now, the BX and BY packages (one with graphics one without) are all you need to request. I ordered mine 2 weeks ago and it will be here at the end of the month.

    I’m not sure where you got your information but the package is most definitely NOT discontinued, and as far as I can tell it is identical except for a grill to the upcoming “trd pro”

    Now you can no longer get the TX PRO package which was just wheels and cosmetics, but the TX pro baja package (package BY or BX) is still orderable. You can get it in White, Barcelona Red, or Black.

    Respectfully – Zach