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Toyota Tacoma Windshield Wind Noise – TSB

Toyota has released a Technical Service Bulletin (T-SB) for a windshield wind noise issue in 2009-12 Tacomas.

Toyota Tacoma Windshield Wind Noise - TSB

A T-SB has been issued for some 2009-12 Toyota Tacoma's experiencing windshield wind noise.

According to the T-SB-0062-12, “some 2009-2012 Tacoma vehicles may exhibit a wind whistle type noise coming from upper area of the windshield or the outer perimeter of the windshield. This may be caused by a windshield molding fitment issue and/or windshield urethane sealer application issue.”

The T-SB only applies to those trucks that were built BEFORE the production change effective VINs below.

Toyota windshield noise TSB numbers

The T-SB repair is covered under Toyota’s Comprehensive Warranty, 36 months or 3,600 miles and is limited to the condition in this T-SB.

The repair is described below according to the T-SB:

  1. Verify the condition.
  2. Use masking tape to cover the windshield molding and drive vehicle to confirm the wind whistle noise is eliminated. If the noise is still heard, this TSB does not apply.
  3. Remove and reseal windshield following the service manual or sublet to a glass removal company.Note that the windshield molding will be damaged and will need to be replaced completely.
  4. Test drive the vehicle to verify the noise is gone.

As with any T-SB repair, it is advised that you visit your local Toyota dealership if any problems arise.

  • anotherspaceman

    Two ‘issues’ stories in a row?

    Toyota really gotta up their game before a third story like this comes out.

    Very bad PR.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Not sure I understand your concern. The TSB articles are meant to inform Tacoma owners. We publish them as we get them. It doesn’t mean that there are several “issues” coming out right now rather it is more to do when we have an opening to publish the story. If we have time to publish a few and they appear back to back, that is pure coincidence.


  • Mike

    This should include 2013 as well,six years with the same problems????

  • Jesse R

    Is this TSB coveref by my dealership or will repair costs come from my pocket?


    • Tim Esterdahl


      The TSB repair costs are paid for by Toyota and your Toyota dealer. Just take it in and let them look at it.


  • Paul

    I have this same wind noise problem on a 2013 Tacoma Double Cab 4 wheel drive with 3,000 miles on it. Why hasn’t Toyota solved this problem yet?

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Not really sure. Seems like they could resolve this from the factory.


  • Wes

    I also have a 2013 Tacoma Crew Cab 4 wheel drive with howling noise at 70mph from around windshield.
    I have put tape on sides of windshield which had no effect. I will now put along top to see if that stops the howling.
    Also an issue with a whistle from the hood to grill seal.
    This is being fixed by a new grill design coming out soon.
    Little disappointed that Toyota has so many issues with old design.

  • Wes

    Update to yesterday.
    Applied tape across top of windshield and still had noise.
    Howling noise seems to be coming from left air vent.
    This issue doesn’t apply to this post, Tim please delete my comments.

  • Frances

    @ Wes. I have the same problem with the 2013 European version – Toyota Hilux twin cab 3L Diesel. Two of my wind/air noise problems was solved though, the first was caused by a flap not closing fully in the inner workings of the air conditioning system, seemingly this was hard/tricky to get to. Then I had air coming in at the bottom of both rear windows, they told me this was caused by loose rubbers, this was also solved. From day one I have air/wind noise at the upper part of the driver’s door area which is currently being looked at by Toyota. They gave me another new Hilux while they work on mine and it has the same issues with the driver’s door, they must have a design problem. By the way, when my truck first arrived the top of the two front doors were sticking out like bat wings and had to be adjusted. And did I mention my steering column is crooked? In my opinion, Toyota have lost the run of themselves. Too many faults in a brand new truck.

  • Tom Norton

    Just purchased a 2014 Tacoma with less than 1,000 miles, SAME problem. Two dealerships later and nobody will help.

  • I have a new 2014 tacoma same problem yea lets go places ,my ass I can’t even get on the freeway without it being annoying and the dealers giving me the runaround .

  • Steven L. Gabbert

    It is not just in the 2009-2012 Tacoma’s. I have a 2014 and it happened yesterday in a high wind situation. What a POS product they are building.