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Update – Toyota Tacoma Steering Wheel Recall Expands

Toyota has officially announced a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for the recall on pickups and one important thing to note is the recall has been expanded to include all 2005-2012 model year Toyota Tacoma’s. The recall is to replace a faulty steering-wheel spiral assembly. Part of a possible design flaw, friction could develop between spiral cable and the retainer in the steering-wheel assembly. This friction could lead to a loss of connectivity with the driver’s airbag and cause the airbag not to deploy in a crash.

Update - Toyota Tacoma Steering Wheel Recall Expands

The Toyota Tacoma recall has expanded to include all 2005-2012 trucks. Originally it was only the 2005-2009 model years.

The TSB number is “T-SB-0057-12.” Like most TSB’s the repair is covered under the Toyota Comprehensive Warranty, 36 months or 36,000 miles whichever occurs first. The TSB states that a “noise complaint” can be detected which will help in determining if the part does indeed need replaced.

The repair consists of replacing the steering shaft with a newly designed model. Essentially, the old the shaft is removed and replaced with this new part. Then, after a proper replacement, an alignment maybe needed if the wheels weren’t kept in alignment. The alignment is meant to make sure the steering wheel lines up correctly with the tires. Lastly, a test drive should be performed to confirm the problem has been taken care of.

Affected truck owners are encouraged to contact their local dealer to setup the repair.

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  • anotherspaceman

    A bit of a pain, but I have personal experience of safety measures not working, so can fully understand why Toyota have done this.

  • Jon

    So if I don’t have a warranty will they still cover it?

    • Jason

      Jon – Unless you’re rolling in an 05-09 model with the open recall, this issue isn’t covered under warranty. However, if you’ve got a 10-12 with more than 36k miles, you can probably get your local Toyota dealer to give you some after warranty assistance b/c your truck is so new.

    • Jason

      Correct – warranty coverage is required.

  • e murray

    Inaccurate information. TSB’s and “recalls” are mutually exlusive. TSB’s are diagnostic help information only if the situation occurs. In this case a rattle from the Steering shaft. Next, this has NOTHING to do with the spiral cable. The shaft itself is what is repalced. The TSB notes that in order to protect the spiral cable from damage when removing the shaft, the steering wheel needs to be stable and held in place so it will not spin.

    This is not a recall and inaccurate forum information like this is misleading.

    • Jason

      e – Thanks for you comment, but you should do a little more research first…there was a recall on this assembly in March:

      The new TSB includes 2010, 2011, and 2012 models (which were not part of the original recall but could be included before it’s all said and done).

      Thanks for keeping us on our toes.

  • anotherspaceman

    What? So who was that guy who drove off with my truck?!!!

  • Mike

    Much wrong information being posted. Here’s the deal, as I just went through it. The problem is the intermediate steering shaft. It is loose on nearly all Tacomas after 05, if you drive it off road on sharply bumpy terrain you will notice a jarring, metal to metal clunking and feel in the steering column. Feel’s really cheaply assembled. The NEW, or TSB replacement part doesn’t fix the problem. I’ve had my 09 in 4 times, drove a brand new 2012 off road with service manager and it was the same problem, just a little lessor on the new model, in time I predict it will get worse. Toyota is not taking care of this problem for me or anyone else. I have the TRD Off Road, and driving it off road sucks. I will not buy another Toyota vehicle. They have known about this problem for years and continue to sell trucks knowing that they have not fixed the problem on the brand new ones coming off the line. They have lost their quality edge they once had!

    They will replace it if under warranty, but it does no good, the problem will still exists. So don’t waste your money if out of warranty. Better to write corporate and tell them to fix this for all Tacoma owners or risk losing customers forever, like me. This issue effect 05-2012 years.

  • Joe

    Toyota is doing the repair regardless of warranty or mileage. Mine was done yesterday (free of charge) with 66k miles on it. It took 90 minutes.

    • Tim Esterdahl




  • Jon

    I have a 2012 with 19,000 miles and this has been issue for from the first time I went out camping at Octillo Wells. There’s so much steering wheel
    movement that even at 5 mph it’s unbearable, have taking to dealership
    and spent time with a technician driving on the roughest streets we could find and test drove a newer one which exhibits the same problem. It conclusion is that is normal for the Tacoma. I left feeling the same has the rest of you Toyota stop caring about quality and their customers , and this will be my last Toyota $33,000 spent what a waste.