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Strange Tacoma Heater / Air Conditioner Fan Noise TSB

Do you own a 2005–2011 Toyota Tacoma vehicle? Did you hear a ticking and/or clicking noise or sometimes a squealing sound coming from the blower motor? A Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) from Toyota was released dated October 20, 2011 informing owners of an improved blower motor to resolve the strange noise issue.

Strange Tacoma Heater / Air Conditioner Noise Issue

Are you hearing strange sounds from your heater/air conditioner blower motor? Have it replaced.


The repair is applicable to blower motor with OP Code AC 9018 described as R and R Blower Motor. Vehicle owners should bear in mind that the repair of the unit is covered under the Toyota Comprehensive Warranty, 36 months or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first). Moreover, the noise occurrence must be detected in order to claim warranty coverage specified in this latest bulletin. Otherwise, your vehicle is not subject for repair per this bulletin.

Parts Information

Previous parts number 87103-04040, 87103-04041, 87103-04042 are to be identified with current number as 87103-04043 described as motor sub-assy, blower with fan.

Superseding Notice

The new bulleting supersedes Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) Nos. T-SB-0380-09 and T-SB-0092-10 in which details of parts change information has been removed and parts information, warranty Information, and repair procedure have been updated. Vehicle owners are urged to read the bulletin before claiming repair warranty on their noisy blower motors.

The TSB Repair Procedure:

  1. The ticking, clicking, or squealing noise must be detected first before upgrading the motor blower.
  2. When the noise is detected, negative cable of the battery terminal must be disconnected.
  3. After which, 2 clips and 2 pin connectors from the blower motor are disengaged.

    Strange Tacoma Heater/Air Conditioner Noise Issue

    As you uninstall, make sure you disconnect the 2 clips and the blower motor 2-pin connector.

  4. Proceed with removing three bolts holding the motor blower and carefully remove the parts.

    Strange Tacoma Heater/Air Conditioner Noise Issue

    After disconnecting pins, remove the 3 bolts and remove the blower motor.

  5. After removing the defective blower motor, install the replacement parts and secure it by reinstalling 3 bolts that were removed.
  6. Reconnect 2 clips and 2 pin connecter of the blower motor.
  7. Connect the negative battery terminal again. There is no need to restart.
  8. Finally, determine if the blower motor functions properly without the ticking, clicking, or squealing noises detected before.

If you truck is under warranty and there is a noise problem with the motor blower, go to your nearest Toyota Service Centers to have it fixed.

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