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2005 – 2011 Tacoma Daytime Running Light Lenses TSB

Does your 2005-2011 Tacoma have a condition where the inner Daytime Running Light/Turn Signal lens becomes distorted and bubbled in appearance? In addition the inner lens may appear cracked or separated.

Tacoma Lense TSB

Does your 2005-2011 Tacoma have yellowed daytime running lenses?

On September 7, 2011, Toyota recently announced a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) to dealers that it has an updated headlight assemblies to address this condition. The updated headlight assemblies have cosmetic changes, so it is recommended to replace both the left and right assemblies together.

Please note this should not be confused with normal yellow-orange color that occurs over time as the inner lens ages. Additionally this TSB does NOT address conditions with the outer headlamp lens.

For your vehicle to be covered, it must be within the Toyota Comprehensive Warranty. This warranty is in effect for 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first, from the vehicle’s in-service date.

Here’s the TSB repair process:

  1. Determine if the daytime running lens portion of the headlamp assembly is discolored, or has a cracked, bubbled, deformed, or distorted appearance. Following are examples of inner DRL Turn Signal lenses requiring replacement:
  2. Tacoma Daytime Running Lights Lenses Yellowing Examples

    Here are some of the examples of the 2005-2011 Tacoma daytime running lenses yellowing.

  3. Are the lenses discolored, cracked, bubbled or deformed?
    YES – Go to step 3
    NO – This TSB does NOT apply
  4. Replace headlamps. See your dealer for more information on how to replace them.
  5. Confirm headlamp operation

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  • Wayne Ohta

    Is this a factory defect? Will Toyota replace lens? Dealer quoted me over thousand dollars.

    • Jason

      Wayne – It’s a problem that the factory is aware of, and usually a TSB means that there is something Toyota has done to prevent this from occurring on future models. Now, does that mean Toyota will warranty it? No – probably not unless you’re inside the original factory warranty period.

      My suggestions are to a) ask for after-warranty assistance (read more: http://www.accurateautoadvice......-warranty/ ) and b) check out after-market replacement headlights, like these from Spyder:

    • smalldoghawaii

      Must be normal. I took my 2010 tacoma to servco yesterday.
      I had 45k and under 36 mos. on the truck. they said that i
      was out of warranty. They took photos to send to the regional
      guys for a claim. I don’t have much hope from their attitude.
      This is messed up. The truck is 2-1/2 yrs old and has melted
      daytime running lights and they don’t want to owe up to it.
      I think that a nationwide recall is in order if not remedied.
      This could cause a fire. They waited for someone to die in
      order to fix the brake pedal and floor mats. Didn’t they learn
      anything about keeping customers? This is my 2nd Tacoma
      in 10 years. Brand loyalty only goes so far. I recall that everyone
      in Hawaii drove GM and Ford cars before switching to Japanese
      cars in the mid-seventies.

  • shap

    this is my first japanese car…i moronically fell for the hype regarding quality in japanese cars and toyota in particular. thus far i have a high-pitched squeal from my windshield, an a/c that makes a chirping sound, two burnt/bubbling front lights, a rusting rear bumper, moldings on the roof that are coming off, and a lovely rattle from the engine at idle.
    make no mistake – i baby my cars – changing the oil, rotating tires, washing every weekend and waxing once a month (by the way, the paint scratches far too easily and the fenders look like they were painted by an 18 year old on his third day at work at maaco – more orange peel then i recall seeing on early 80’s GM cars).
    never again.back to FORD.

    • Tim Esterdahl


      That’s too bad. While all cars can have problems over time, most of the people who comment on Toyota have lots of praise for their quality.


  • Gregg

    I took my 2010 Tacoma (40,000 miles) in yesterday for the DRL issue. While they initially said it would be covered by my extended warranty and require a $50 deductable payment they subsequently repaired it at no charge.

    I had a 97 Camry that performed flawlessly for 5 years. So far I have faith in Toyota quality.

    – Gregg

    • Tim Esterdahl


      Good to hear!


  • Mark

    I too have the DRL melting issue on my 2011 Tacoma. I have been offered a replacement and pay half the cost. I too agree that Toyota should replace them, they are completely stock and the vehicle was purchased Oct 11 making it about 2 yrs 3 months old. I appears lots of folks have this issue and most don’t realize it until they are past the 36000 mile mark. Everyone should stop and take a look when walking by and let Toyota know if you have the problem.

  • Sean

    I took my vehicle in numerous times before the 3 year and 36k mile mark for routine maintenance and was told that it was normal each time. But as I noticed the lens getting worse, my warranty had expired over the 3 year mark. I’ve been asking for a replacement prior to the warranty period and got no positive feedback each time. I agree that this issue should be a recall due to the fact that the overheated temperature from the bulb could create a fire. Is there no way to get any assistance for this? After all, this couldn’t be the customer’s fault. Obviously, this is a factory default and should be corrected at their expense.

  • January

    I’m at 46k with my truck… Here’s my list. Window came off the tabs it’s glued to in my driver side Twice, brakes have squealed in reverse since I got the dang thing, ac fan noise, stock radio not only sucks on aux but shuts off on its own from time to time. And last but not least melted and cracked head lights…… Toyota only fixed my window, and yes I’m out of warranty by now but don’t think for a second I haven’t mentioned each of these issues prior, it’s not new news. But I mean other than that? Great truck…. Oh wait forgot the engine knock.

  • svi

    Thank you for this article Tim,
    Four years into my 09 Tacoma 2WD double cab, the problem of glass cracking the DRL light affected my truck. I visited toyota dealer today and asked them about it. The pulled the TSB which clarified that irrespective of the mileage this would be replaced under warranty . My 3 year warranty has obviously expired but I do have MPP which doesn’t cover lenses. However, the dealer said that it was replaceable and they did free of cost. This was awesome. This article saved me a bunch of time and money.
    Thanks again !!

    • Tim Esterdahl